How to Get Started with Creative Writing Jobs

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Depending whom you ask, the amount of Creative Writing Jobs Online is either not very many or that there are tons of them. This really depends on the kind of writer you are and the type of writing jobs you’re looking for.

Your education and past work could be a ticket to the better paying jobs if you don’t have a perfect education, better-paying writing jobs will be out of reach and you will be left with the “easier tasks” if you’re lucky. By easier tasks I mean blog posts and article writing. Even though I’ve found that some people just won’t have anything to do with you at all, if you lack experience.

Don’t give up just yet, there are ways around this. You will eventually find the creative writing jobs that are for you.


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Writing quality content and submitting to article directories, I know it doesn’t pay, however, it does get your name out in the open.

Try to sell some of your work! If you already have a few articles stuffed away in your drawer, dig them out.

Constant-Content is a site where writers can sell their work, sign up and sell usage rights or full rights, and don’t forget to check the requested content. Selling usage rights give you the opportunity to sell the same article several times with your name on every copy. If full rights are purchased, the article will be removed from the site.

If you don’t really care about getting recognition for your work, a site like Daily Article gives blog and website owners a chance to buy unique articles for their site – Your content. You cannot claim any rights to the articles you post on this site and when your article has been purchased it will be removed.

Another place to check out is Associated Content. If you are a US citizen it is possible to receive an upfront payment for your article (between $2-$15) Assignments (from $10-$100 upfront) and performance payments (page views), non – US citizens are only eligible for the performance payments.

There are many more sites like these and if this isn’t the type of Online writing jobs you’re looking for, don’t fuss, the creative writing jobs for your style are out there too.